I am a historian from Wales. I did a BSc in International Studies with the Open University, then received a scholarship from the Economic and Social Research Council to do a MSc and PhD in Economic History at the London School of Economics. My PhD dissertation was on “The Terms of Trade and the Rise of Argentina in the Long Nineteenth Century” and passed without corrections in 2014. After that, I worked with my dad on his hill farm, mainly growing wheat and oats. I continued my research as a hobby. For the past two years, I have been writing my first book King Cotton and the Whale: How Slavery Made American Capitalism, due in early 2025 from Harvard University Press. I am now writing a book on Argentina that extends my PhD research. The preliminary title is The Poor Rich Nation: Argentina since 1810. In this blog, I am sharing ideas on the book as I write.

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I’m writing a book on the political economy of Argentina


I’m a historian from Wales.